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The duration of dental implants depends greatly on the patient's habits

The duration of dental implants depends greatly on the habits of the patient and not only the success with which the implant was made, or the quality of material used.

If you've decided to dental implants to restore your smile, you should be aware of the need to care habits you have to maintain the health of your mouth.

Once positioning dental implants, oral care must be greater than is customary. Accept change is essential hygiene and brushing, for that tooth loss was caused by these bad habits.

A good proposal includes a good diagnosis treatment, prosthetic proper planning, good execution surgical and of course good maintenance. In this sense, it is very important that you clarify with your specialist all doubts you may have a right to follow guidelines for maintaining your dental implants.

Among the basic care of dental implants are:

  • Regular care of oral hygiene
  • Regular reviews for each case for cleaning or periodontal treatments
  • Periodic review of the implants