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All you need to know about dental implants

Laugh quiet, sporting perfect teeth, is for some natural. But for many people, it is only possible thanks to dental implants.


implantes dentales Dr. Pi Urgell 


But what is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium cone or cylinder or smooth external thread, which is inserted into the bone replacing lost tooth root. Is coated with various substances to allow osseointegration of the implant or bone union.

Do all patients are suitable for a dental implant?

Each case and each patient has a unique situation, therefore a thorough study should be performed to determine if the patient is a candidate for treatment through dental implants.

In patients who have no adequate height or width of maxillary dental implants can be placed with the aid of bone grafts from other donor areas of bone banks, biological materials or synthetic substitutes.

Patients who have no care of your teeth and do not intend to change their brushing habits and hygiene, implant prognosis is negative. If tooth loss is given by periodontitis, evaluate the case.

If instead the loss was due to tooth decay or trauma, and the level of hygiene is adequate, the prognosis is favorable.

Are dental implants can produce an allergic reaction or rejection?

Titanium is a metal support human body tissues that tolerate his presence without allergic reactions of the immune system. This property compatibility of titanium coupled with its mechanical hardness, lightness and strength have allowed a lot of useful applications for medical applications, such as hip and knee, bone screws, plates anti-trauma and dental implants, etc..

In rare cases it may happen that osseointegration is not achieved successfully, consequently resulting in the dental implant welding with no bone. Fortunately we are talking about 2% of the cases.

Are aesthetic titanium dental implants?

The implant is placed into the jaw bone or mandible and is not visible in the mouth. What gives aesthetic crown is placed over the implant.

If I have systemic disease, I can have dental implants?

There are no contraindications but always looking for the person to be compensated and requested written consent to the doctor treating you.

Can if no implants or bone crest width?

It is not possible. But today, thanks to advances in technology there are several surgical techniques that allow to rebuild bone and implants.

Is it very painful dental implant surgery?

Placing a dental implant in the bone tissue is performed under local anesthesia. If the patient feels more relaxed, you can also request that the surgery is performed with sedation.

After dental implant surgery the patient presented mild discomfort when chewing, but well kept and following the advice of all, there should be no problems.


Do implants and prostheses can be placed on the same day?

Depending on each patient the specialist will decide when is the right time for placement of the prosthesis. Remember that each patient and case is unique house.